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Monitor time spent

You’ll see how much time you spend using each app and the time your friends spend with them as well

Family use

If you’ve got children, you’ll also be able to control their usage

Corporate use

With Nosce you’ll also be able to review the apps your employees use and how long they use them for


What do we spend our time on?

The time we spend on our phones, both in personal life as well as professionally is steadily increasing. So much so that the year 2015 was the first one in history where we spent more time on our phones than watching TV. However, at the end of the day, do we know what we really spend this time doing? Which applications do we use more and which ones do we use less? Ask yourself how many hours you used Whatsapp or Facebook for yesterday, or last month and you’ll see it’s actually quite hard to work out an answer.

Our solution

To get to know ourselves better, assess our usage as well as that of our friends*, optimise it or modify it, Nosce is now available, an app for Android dedicated to automatically monitoring the time we spend using each application on our phone and that’s configurable.
*only the friends we choose will be able to see our usage time as well as them choosing whether we can see theirs.

Monitor how you spend your time

We can choose the days of the week and the times of day we want to enable monitoring as well as when we don’t, in addition to being able to select the apps we want to monitor and the ones we don’t.

Optimise the use of your mobile phone and get more out of your time

FREE for personal use

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Nosce was created based on the idea of helping the maximum number of individuals and as a result the app is free-of-change. It is possible in the future, in order to keep it up-to-date, make improvements, or cover operating costs, that ads will be included or the payment of a monthly fee will be requested for particular usage modes such as parental control and corporate control, always in exchange for providing more functionality, for example, such as access to the advanced panel for web control.

FREE for personal use

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